Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair: A Massage Chair With Heat That Gives You Best Relaxation Experience Ever (Product Review).

full body shiatsu massage chair review

Being one of the highest regarded and well-reputed massage chairs on the market today, the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06 review ranks among the best, while maintaining its cost-effective feature. Since it has so many features and perks, we opted to figure out if this very chair complies to the standards that one will need while buying a full body massage chair. For the very same reason, we piled a full detailed review and went deep inside rest of advantages and characteristic so that nothing is missed out of our examination.

Features & Specifications of Shiatsu Massage Chair:

  • The Shiatsu massage chair has upgraded style, functions and features including, recovery program, extend the program, relax and refresh program.
  • Consists of more than 30 airbags, among which, the total of 20 airbags are situated in the lower body of the chair to do massage for the legs, thighs, and feet. And hence offering enhanced blood circulation to the lower parts.
  • The chair has built-in Heat Intelligent roller system and conforms to the contour and shape of your back side of the body.
  • With this chair, the massage heads are made to aim stress relaxing “tsubo points” on your neck.
  • The wide broad access of motion enables the roller heads to approach the tailbone area where many of the chairs are failed to reach.
  • The chair has the ability to approach up in the neck and at the same time down into the tailbone section, offering you an extensive range of massage.
  • Numerous levels of magnitude from strong to weak massage.
  • Simple and convenient control panel.
  • No manual operation because the chair is entirely automatic, the arising and reclining of the backrest and foot/leg ottoman.
  • 1 year limited brand warranty covering rest of its parts for whole one year.

best massage chair review

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Pros of Shiatsu Massage Chair:

  • It is way much cheaper massage chair recliner and contains all those benefits and features that one could expect in relatively expensive models.
  • Supports different sizes of height or width and can even easily cover a tall individual including arm area.
  • Includes full instruction manual and video for the newbies to operate it easily.
  • Setup and assembling are easier.

Cons of Shiatsu Massage Chair:

  • Some might consider the size of a chair as very heavy and even could find it difficult to shut the door off of the hinges to head into the home.
  • According to some other users, the product does not offer zero gravity.

What Others Are Saying About Shiatsu Massage Chair…

I debated about buying this chair for about a year and finally my wife got it for me as a X’mas gift. I’ve had it almost 6 months now and I love it. In fact I’m sitting in it right now. I use it almost every day just to recline. I use massage feature about 3-4 times per week. I’m 6′ 2″ and I fit in it just fine. Two thumbs up. Just do it, your back will thank you later.” –  Jeff T
I had recently got this for my mother for her birthday, and she loves everything about it. It has different settings from relaxation, to pain relief, all of which helps my whole family feel better physically. It’s very quiet, as it works with mostly air compressed parts that expand and deflate via air tubes. My ONLY complaint is that the instruction manual is kind of hard to follow, as it wasn’t written in very good English. However, it did not hinder the performance of the chair at all, and I definitely recommend it for the price.“– Taylor Sanders.

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Our Say:

In presence of Shiatsu massage chair, there is hardly a chance that you would find a more economical option than this with such an amazing blend of amazing features and benefits all in one…

It provides a full fledge massage from head to toe, works with the problematic parts of the body and helps in recovering from pain. On one hand, it lets you get cured of the aches, while on another side, it also allows you to get away with exhausting daily routine and feel comfortable and relaxed.

Shiatsu Massage Chair F.A.Q

Q1: Is Shiatsu Massage Chair Worth It?

A1: Yes… it is a product that you cannot miss at any cost!!

Q2: Where To Buy Shiatsu Massage Chair?

A2: You can buy Shiatsu Massage Chair from Amazon through this link.


Good luck and all the wishes to you in having the best massage experience ever.

-Massage As Gravity


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