What Does Reflexology Massage Mean?

The therapist makes use of pressure points which are found in some part of the body such as feet, hands and lower legs to correspond with other parts of the body. These parts of the body can be used to minimize stress, enhance balance and also reduce tension. The first place where reflexology was practiced is in ancient China and it occurs many years ago. Till date, it is in use all over the world.

Who Need A Reflexology Therapy?

Although it is a standard therapy but can be customized to address various health challenges. Everyone who is experiencing palliative care may experience the benefit of working with a professional therapist. It is also crucial to seek advice from professional therapist whenever you want to use Reflexology to support therapy of a particular ailment.

Individuals that may decide to choose this therapy:

  • Experiencing general tension or stress and anxiety.
  • Of various ages.
  • Are not comfortable and want a particular relief.
  • Have undergone different healthcare methods and need to get rid of signs, symptoms as well as adverse reactions.
  • Mostly experience tired or painful feet.
  • Does not have a good circulation of blood because of some health challenges.
  • Couldn’t sleep properly or have sleeping problems.

People that should never go for a Reflexology massage include:

  • Those with the open wound on their feet, and hands, or individual with skin conditions such as verruca’s, eczema and athletes foot.
  • Those with showing fever, flu or cold symptoms, because these conditions can be amplified by massage.
  • Those looking for a face or ear treatment because this is a different area of specialization which is not offered by a massage therapist.

The potential benefits of reflexology treatments

  • It relieves tension
  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • It encourages natural medicine
  • It helps to reduce pain
  • It enhances sleep
  • It stimulates the nervous system and also clears the energetic pathways.

During the Reflexology massage session

The massage therapist will begin with health evaluation which will include your health background and the problem you are having presently. You will be requested to sit down on a table or stool, they will then make use of a wax or oil to complete the massage therapy after purifying your feet and they can also focus on your hand.

The massage techniques of Reflexology

The old technique is based on the areas on the feet and hands which helps in the relaxation of the whole body and can be focused on specific area depending on various health issues. Most professionals usually start with massage so as to warm up the area after which pressure would be applied to the areas. Most of the expert usually treat a foot at a time, however; there are some that will focus on both feet.

After your Reflexology therapy

You will feel relaxed, balanced and calm. In addition to this, you may feel energized or experience moderate heightened feelings; it also results in a good flow of blood, and aid digestion within the body system.

Will Reflexology hurt?

This kind of therapy would never hurt you but some parts of the body can feel tenderer, this is common when healthcare professionals are working on reflex areas which match problem areas. However, it is important to inform the healthcare professional about the level of pressure you want.

The Benefits of an outcall reflexology massage

Everyone is aware that time is not always enough and everyone would want to maximize the time and do lots of things. This is why time is very scarce and we have to be careful about the way we spend it because there are lots of things that we would love to do such as having a good job, great families, and big houses. To accomplish all these we have to spend the time judiciously.  When you outcall a reflexology massage, you will be able to spend your time efficiently and will also be free from the challenges encountered in a massage parlor. All you need to do is prepare and a massage therapist will come to your place whenever you wish, this will make it easy for you to have a massage and do other things.

The massage is aimed at relaxing and releasing all the tension in the body which can affect the body as well as the minds. When you are stressed or worry about lots of things, all these will add stress to your body and the massage will help to relax and relieve the body. And in some cases, you need to relax in a comfortable place that belongs to you which is free from noise and various forms of disturbance. You will be able to relax in such environment and also have a private reflexology massage session.

Out calling a reflexology massage will provide the freedom of time, comfort and you will be able to relax wherever you desire.